You got to have a game plan

Lance: Yeah. And you got to have a game plan. I mean, you don’t want to script things. You want to think about you and her and the connection, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. You got to have a game plan. You got to be prepared and when you’re prepared and you know how to lead the conversation, you know how to lead the interaction, that’s when you can finally focus on her in a way…

Most men aren’t focused on the woman at all. They’re worried about what they’re going to say next. They’re worried if their bragging too much. They’re worried that they’re not bragging enough. You know, they’re just worried about where they’re going to take things and they’re not able to focus on the women. So, you got to be prepared.

And I’ll give you guys one other tip too on the date. For the first impression on the date one big mistake that no guy should ever be making, but a lot of guys do make is right when you see the woman say something funny, you know, just to get her to laugh once, just once because she’s a little nervous. Everyone’s nervous at the beginning of a date.

Get her to laugh once, laugh with her, feel that tension just kind of ease and then say come here give me a hug, get a hug from her, and then when she gives you a hug be like, no give me a real hug and get a better hug from her. Because what you’re doing right away is you’re saying, oh you’re a little nervous, I’m going to make you comfortable, come here let’s get close, oh you know what actually we’re going to get closer than you’re used to and then you sit down and then you work on that connection.

You know, obviously there’s a lot to go into how to make that connection but have a real plan and really lay it out. I forgot exactly how they create their own plan, theor own dream date they can bring women through on adultfrinendfinder.

Andy: Yeah, that’s just a really great thing when you do have a general game plan it does allow you just to get out of your own mind and put your attention on that person and just really take things far. I love the fact that you’re talking about just removing any sort of nervousness because she’s probably even more nervous than you are.

Lance: Yeah.

Andy: And when you come in there you dispel the nervousness, it’s gone.   “Let’s have fun, let’s get to know each other.” It’s really just an ingenious way to go about doing it.

So, I’m just going to completely derail things one more time.

Lance: Ok.

Andy: But the event you had last year… I think it was about a year and a half ago, last year, you did the Real World Rapport event.