Why Some Men Get Turned Down And Others Don’t

Tired of women telling you to “get lost” and treating you like a loser, while they melt and swoon over some other guy who just seems to have something that you don’t have?

Truth be told, I used to be just like that first guy. All of us at The Inner Circle were, at some point or other, just like him.

In fact, most of the men on this planet are like that guy.

Why is this? It’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s more just the social climate that we live in.

This is a climate where we are taught form a very young age to “respect” women in a way which TURNS THEM OFF.

We are taught to treat women the way they want to be treated, and not the way that they NEED to be treated.

Quite simply, masculinity in men has been in a steady decline since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

In my grandfather’s day (in other words, WHEN MEN WERE MEN) they knew how to treat a woman properly. But that age is long gone.

But there are still a few men who know “what’s up”. They know how to treat a woman in a way which really turns her on.

These guys are known as “Jerks” and “Assholes” by the men who are out of the loop. They know (consciously or subconsciously) that what really turns a woman on is not a man’s looks, but his PERSONALITY.

Ever seen a woman approach or be receptive to a guy she met on adultfrinendfinder who looked like a model, but become turned off after a few minutes because he was so boring and dull? Case-in-point.

The simple difference between “Jerks”and you is that Jerks value themselves highly and are not pushovers. Women pick up on this, and are attracted to him because he is seen as “wild” and “out of control”.

But you may say “I don’t want to treat women like shit!”

The good news is, you can transcend what these types of men do, and enter a whole new level of attractiveness.

There is a right way to treat a woman, and it DOESN’T involve physical or emotional abuse.

There are in fact three levels of men on the attraction scale.

At the bottom are what women refer to as losers, weirdos, creeps, and bores. They are known in the Seduction Community as “AFCS”.

In the middle are “Jerks” and “Assholes”. They know how to push a few of a woman’s buttons, but not all. They do it but they don’t know why it works, and often their relationships are tumultuous and unstable.

At the top, you have men who know what’s up, have their life in order, know how to push ALL of a woman’s buttons, know what to do and when, and know WHY it works. These are commonly known as “Alpha Males”.

So how do you become an Alpha Male?

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