When you’re trying to make connection with a person you have to open yourself up

Andy: Yeah, one of the things that really struck true with me when I took my courses way back when was when you talked about leading, so many people think of it as leading somebody like a leash, but that’s not what you mean by leading. It’s you go first.

Lance: You go first, yeah.

Andy: So, if you’re trying to make this connection with a person you have to open yourself up to that other person.

Lance: Yeah.

Andy: If you don’t you can’t expect them to open up to you.

Lance: And how’s she going to trust you?

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: So, and the real, (and this isn’t so much a mistake), but I think the limitation that a lot of guys have is they just can’t go there.

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: Most guys aren’t able to express their emotions in different areas and that’s what, you know, the tools we’ve been teaching in the Art of Rapport workshops. We’ve been doing this for, I don’t know, four and a half years now, and it’s a bunch of exercises really designed to get men to access all sorts of emotions.

We’ve got, you know, the mythical youth stories, we’ve got the deep rapport stories. I mean, the Real World Rapport event, you know, Daniel and I got up on the stage in front of 120 people or whatever and we were telling these stories and we were crying and everybody in the audience was crying.

And what’s amazing about it is everybody really got how that was going to make them better with women. Everyone understood like, wow, if I can take a woman, now that I can go to this place in this group of 100 men, if I can just one woman a third of the way there, she’ll do anything with me.

So, that’s what it’s really about. It’s about helping guys open up and obviously we’ve got a lot of exercises and there is a lot of you know emotions in there. It’s not, they’re not easy exercises to do, but they’re so important and the great thing is it’ll make life so much better even on adultfrinendfinder.com login. You’re friendships are so much better, you’re relationship with your family is so much better. There’s all these other benefits. Of course, guys just do it because they want to meet women.