Now, go meet some women

A Stupid Simple Solution

The key to success here is to have ONE routine that is
EFFECTIVE for each COMMON situation.

Now I’ll break this down for you as you follow along.

*ONE* conversation to rule them all!

Did you ever see the movie groundhog day?

In the movie Bill Murray gets to relive the same day over
and over again until he gets the girl he was meant to be

Naturally he learns from each interaction until he knows
exactly which direction to take the conversation to allow
them to connect.

In our workshops we call this a ‘conversational thread’.
This is a good description, since it MUST feel like a
completely natural conversation even though you LEAD the
conversation to a specific place.

You would actually get a worksheet, and over the 3-days of
exercise based training, we help you build a routine stack
which fits YOU and your PERSONALITY.

For example, in the Art of Attraction workshop your conversation will include
the OPENER, use of KINO, a STORY from your life, and BANTER

As your routine stack gets built, you PRACTICE IT over and
over again on adultfrienedfinder app BEFORE you go out and do field work in the clubs.
(Remember, you never want to go on stage till you practice

If your having a great conversation with a hottie that
really gets a life of it’s own, then that’s great! Keep
flirting, relax, and just let things flow.

On the other hand, if things stall at any point in the
conversation, it’s great to know you have some interesting
sexy conversations to try to breath life back into the
interaction, or just to help guide things along.

This routine stack provides you with over 3 minutes of
material. Then you TEST for attraction. If you haven’t got
attraction in 3 minutes. Move on! If you have, transition
to rapport.

Simple isn’t it? That’s the idea. When you know EXACTLY
what to do, it frees your mind to focus on actually doing it

In less than 20 approaches, your skill level will skyrocket
because you are practicing CORRECTLY each time.

Effective = Repeatable Formula That Works

Simply put, you want to use tools that are known to work,
and by work I mean women find YOU attractive right away.

Another great thing about doing the same thing over and over
is, if it’s not working, you will realize it quickly and can
FIX it.

In the beginning it is best to have someone more experienced
help you to figure out what’s not working and why. Go out
with a more experienced wing once in a while.

If you can’t do that, ASK the women. We do thins all the
time in workshops. Once a you’re done with a conversation
an instructor will go in and find out from the women what
you did right and what you did wrong. It takes brass balls,
but you’ll get KILLER FEEDBACK straight from the horse’s

This process is really a matter of testing to find what
works, and then DON’T CHANGE IT when it does work.

I’ll talk about this process more in a future tips
newsletter, because it’s important for all phases of your

Pick The Low Hanging Fruit

You want to start by developing a conversation for a common
situation. By a COMMON situation, I mean one that occurs in
your area all the time. Don’t make this difficult for
yourself, the idea is to get good fast, so soon you’ll have
more dates than you ever imagined possible.

You can eventually have a specific method for very unique
situations, but in the beginning that will work AGAINST you.
It’s really better to wait till you are more advanced to do

For now, start with one scenario, and work that one UNTIL
you begin to get positive RESULTS.

As an example, we do the field work for our first workshop
(Art of Attraction) in nightclubs.

Now we get a lot of guys who say “I don’t want to meet girls
in clubs”, and frankly neither do I, but it’s the BEST place
to PRACTICE so you can get good FAST.

You’ll consistently find more women in less time at a night
club than ANYWHERE else, unless you happen to be friends
with Hugh Hefner and get invites to Playboy Mansion parties
all the time.

Another common situation is what we refer to a ‘daygame’,
which really means meeting women in everyday situations.
This is where we do our fieldwork in the Art of Rapport

You can use the same ‘routine stack’ in daygame, with just
ONE ADDITIONAL piece… a pre-opener. (I cover the pre-
opener in great detail on my Fearless First Impressions