It’s just amazing how little time it actually takes when you really get good at meeting women

Lance: You do have to get a cup of coffee in the morning. You do have to eat lunch.

Andy: You know what my favorite thing about this is Lance? My favorite thing out of everything, it’s not bars, it’s not going to the mall, it’s the subway.

Lance Oh, the subway.

Andy: Oh man…

Lance: I love the gym. The gym is my place. You know, I hear what you’re saying, like everywhere you go there’s just women. And it’s so fun. So, that’s the second ‘tipping point’ is you get women in your life.

And the third ‘tipping point’ and this happens really quickly where you start to notice this, that the women are actually pursuing you. And part of that is a psychological thing, but part of it is just the reality. I mean, there are, there are always women interested in men and the truth is most men can’t even see it.

You know, and you learn this working with the students.

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: Anyone who’s ever coached knows this because you’ll sit down to talk to a woman either in a bar or during the day or whatever event he’s at and he’ll come back and he won’t think he had a good interaction, but we know because we do this stuff in and out, weekend after weekend. We know, like she liked you man. And he can’t see it.

Andy: yeah, you know, another thing that I learned while going through this whole process, I suppose, when you walk into a room just paying that much more attention to noticing the girls that already want you.

Lance: Yeah, totally. I mean most guys just don’t see it and then you start to get a little bit of a head trip about it where you just walk around assuming that every woman wants you.

Andy: Well, they do!

Lance: They do, exactly. And it actually works. It’s a total self fulfilling prophecy and those are the guys that you don’t ever need to teach them anything ever again.

Andy: Right.

Lance: And you’ve watched a lot of guys go through that process. Sometimes even on the weekend guys will go through that process. But those are the ‘tipping points’ and when I just look at those ‘tipping points’ you kind of realize, you know what, bar stuff, that’s cool all right, we definitely can teach you guys a lot in a bar, but it’s not going to get them to those ‘tipping points.’

The quickest way possible and especially from the low risk way possible and then I want to just get back to the time management stuff too because I haven’t talked about the coolest stuff of this whole combination which is really that you don’t, you literally spend zero time hunting women.

Andy: Right, right.

Lance: You spend a little time talking to women. There’s time dating women and you might even have to mark off time in your calendar to actually sleep with women. So, there is time involved, but you know it’s not, you’re aren’t blocking off three hours on your Wednesday night and going out to a bar, going out sarging [sp], you know, coordinating with your buddies, all this kind of stuff that makes it feel like work. Oh, and also no calling women.

Andy: No calling women?

Lance: No calling women, no texting them, no email. I mean, you’ll give them a little call or a text just to confirm a date, but none of this calling, pursuing women instead of a date. You do it right then and there and it really just takes all the kind of work out of the system, because it should be fun. So, that’s my thing.

Andy: Yeah, it’s just amazing how little time it actually takes when you really get good at meeting women during the daytime or on adultfrienedfinder app. And another thing that is kind of selfish, but I like, is that it costs a lot less money.

Lance: It costs less money.

Andy: If you’re not going out, I mean, you maybe be buying rounds for yourself or your buddies or whatever. Heck, I don’t even drink anymore. I mean it’s just unnecessary and when you’re meeting women during the daytime it just, it just puts a smile on your face because it’s so darn easy.

Lance: Yeah.

Andy: Yeah. So, well, you’ve heard what I think about DayGame, tell me more about what you think about it.

Lance: Well…

Andy: What makes it so good?

Lance: Well, yeah, it’s just so… It’s cheaper for sure. I mean, for me, the time thing is really huge, but I got to tell you the biggest thing about it is you’re just meeting higher quality women, for me. Because I can go out in the bars and I can meet women and, you know, a lot of, I mean all our instructors can and you can, but what I’ve noticed is that all of our instructors when they really want a quality woman, when they really want to maybe have a girlfriend or maybe, I don’t know, just kind of have a woman in their life, they look to DayGame to provide that. Because…